Dr. Lo Kit Hung  



Dr. Chow Kwok Leung



Miss. Gloria Yeung


Dr. Lo Kit Hung received his

Ph. D. degree in philosophy

in 2000 from the Chinese

University of Hong Kong. He

is currently the Assistant 

Director of the MA in 

practical philosophy 

programme in the 

Department of Philosophy at

the Lingnan University. He 

coaches the Chinese debate

team at the Lingnan 

University and also chairs 

both the Philosophia

Cultural  Society and the

Hong Kong Practical

Philosophy Society.

Dr. Lo’s main research

interests are critical thinking,

debate, ethics, political

philosophy, and Chinese



His publications include The

Strategy of Thinking(2003)

and Critical Thinking(2004).

He is keen on popularizing

philosophy, debating skills,

and rational thinking. He

also served as adjudicator

of the Sing Tao Inter-School

Debating Competition, the

Tuen Mun and Yuen Long

Secondary Schools Debate

Competition, and the inter-

collegiate Debate

Championship, Liberal Cup,

and Basic Law Cup in the

past decade. Committed to

the popularization of

philosophy, Dr. Lo also

appears as a guest anchor in

radio program.

Dr. K.L Chow received his

Ph. D. degree in philosophy

from New Asia Institute of

Advanced Chinese Studies.

Currently, Dr. Chow lectures

MA courses on topics of

“Philosophy & Literature”,

“I-Ching & Daily Life”and

“Chinese Ontology”.


A veteran and dedicated

educator, Dr. Chow

pioneered a local project on

Philosophy for Children in

2005-2006. He gained QEF’s

support to devise and

implement various courses

on philosophy for primary






























Gloria has studied fine art

in both Hong Kong and

Australia. She graduated

from RMIT University with

distinction and obtained

her first degree, Bachelor

of Arts –Fine Art, in2005.

Gloria also worked as an

artist and operated her

own studio in Hong Kong

during the following years.


Gloria studied Master of

Art in Practical Philosophy

in Lingnan University,

graduating with distinction

and obtaining her second

degree in 2011. During

the years, Gloria has been

spending time at Fresh

Fish Traders’School as a

volunteer helper.

Combining art and

philosophy and sharing

this with the primary

students; the great

satisfaction she has found

doing so is what motivates

her to set the idea of

philosophy for children into



In 2015, Gloria obtained her

second Master degree -

Master of Arts in Gender

Studies - at The Chinese

University of Hong Kong.












Mr. Law Chung Kin  



Mr. Yeung Chun Keung 



Law Chung Kin is the 

Director of Stage Art and

Education of Sophie Stage,

as well as a freelance

actor, theatre educator, and

a former tutor for Liberal

Arts Studies in the Hong

Kong Academy of Performance

Arts (HKAPA). He obtained a

Bachelor of Fine Arts degree

(Hons) in Performance from

HKAPA in 2003 and M.A.

Degree in Philosophy from

the Chinese University of

Hong Kong in 2010.


Mr. Law strives for integrating 

theatre, philosophy and 

education and actively

promotes academic research

and philosophical reflection

in theatre. He is now

attending Master of Fine

Arts in Drama in Hong Kong

Acadmy of Performing Art.



















Mr. Yeung Chun Keung is a

PhD candidate of Chinese

philosophy in Pre-Qin

Period in New Asia

Institute of Advanced 

Chinese Studies. He was a

graduate of Hong Kong

Institute of Education and

Master of Arts in Practical

Philosophy in Lingnan

University. Mr. Yeung has

been teaching in secondary

schools (major in Chinese,

mandarin and liberal

studies) for over 20 years

. He is also the part time

tutor of Open University of

Hong Kong (Chinese Ancient

Philosophy, Modern Chinese



Mr. Yeung has been

participating in the

activities of Philosophy

for Children (p4c) in Hong

Kong Practical Philosophy

Society since 2012,

conducting in both

assemblies and courses in

Fresh Fish Traders’

School, Alliance Primary

Schooland SKH Ling Oi

Primary School.


As the tutor of p4c courses

(all courses with gifted

students arranged in

schools), he has expert

experience of gifted

education, especially in

Chinese philosophy and

critical thinking and has

been teaching “The

Wisdom of Zhuangzi’s

Parables”, “Playing

with Logic concepts”and

“Application of Chinese

Philosophy in Modern Life”

from 2013 at The Hong

Kong Academy for

Gifted Education (HKAGE).