Knowledge Transfer Plan


Philosophy for Children – Developing Primary Students’ Abstract Reasoning Skills in Schools


Philosophy for Children is an ongoing project. Supervised by Dr. Lo Kit Hung, the project team in which all members with qualified philosophy backgrounds have organized various activities such as courses, workshops, talks and assembly programs within primary schools (Fresh Fish Traders’ School and Alliance Primary School) and organizations (Joint Publishing and St. James Settlement)) during the time period of 6/2011 - 8/2012. Such previous experiences were extremely valuable to the project team.


The key plan of Philosophy for Children from 2012 is school-based. There have been 3 primary schools (Fresh Fish Traders’ School, Alliance Primary School and Ling Oi Primary School) and  non-governmental organizations (The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education) participating in the plan, which offers regular courses, workshops and assemblies for students. Needless to say, thousands of primary students will benefit from the plan.


The mission of Philosophy for Children in fact echoes the ‘Third Mission’ (apart from teaching and research) of ‘Knowledge Transfer’ in Higher Education; by which philosophical knowledge  such as critical and rational thinking, logic, conceptual analysis, is transferred between universities and primary schools.


Moreover, the vision of Philosophy for Children is not only to provide an alternative thinking method, but also to introduce philosophy to children. It is essential to realize that philosophy is not like mathematics, where answers to problems appear at the back of a textbook. “The Knowledge Transfer Plan” aims to help primary students develop abstract reasoning skills through interactive and fun-based activities in schools. We believe, though with limited resources, it is possible to make a significant impact in order to establish an improved, progressive primary education.


thoughts from the organizer - Gloria Yeung