“Good Morning Little Thinkers!”

Philosophical Assembly





Gloria Yeung - Course organizer of Philosophy for Kids

Hong Kong Practical Philosophy Society (HKPPS)




Under the test-driven culture of public education in Hong Kong, our current educational

system is about standards and efficiency. Therefore, children often become uncomfortable

with ambiguity and responding to it. Although some educators believe that children

under 12 are not capable of abstract reasoning, some scholars argue that children can think

abstractly at an early age and that philosophical questioning can help them develop

reasoning skills. However, once children get use to accepting authoritative commands and

slow to reason for themselves by the years of college, it will be too late.


A lot of people try to make philosophy into an elitist discipline, but in fact everyone is

interested in basic philosophical ideas; they are the most basic questions we have about the

world, especially because the world is new to children and they instinctively want to figure

things out. The philosophical assembly aims to introduce children to the major fields of

philosophy, including aesthetics, ethics, metaphysics, social and political philosophy and

philosophy of the mind – we believe their curiosity and sense of wonder make children

ripe for philosophic inquiry.




Dr. LO, Kit Hung - Chairman of HKPPS

Dr. CHOW, Kwok Leung - Adviser of Philosophy for Kids, HKPPS

Dr. TANG, Wai Sang - Sun Yat-sen University

Dr. CHIU, Tze Ming -  Hong Kong Shue Yan University 

Dr. Tao Kwok Cheung - The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Dr. Timothy O’Leary - The University of Hong Kong